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One way I keep JOY alive is through my podcast. Be inspired, encouraged and activated to spread even more JOY in the world. Listen here for past episodes. Let’s start a JOY movement! Share the podcast with a friend!

Joy and Works of Beauty

Join our special guest Kelly McDonough as she walks us through a conversation about the beauty of life and how God works through every piece of our lives. How does God turn things to good and how do we see the world through God’s eyes and all the beauty around

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sheila and jacob

Joy and God’s Blessings

Sheila Witt and her son Jacob know what it means to experience God’s Blessings. Jacob is a special blessing from the Lord. The journey has not always been easy but it has been full of God’s love and JOY. Learn More about this blessed journey!

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Ashley Cota

Joy and Taking God Everywhere

What does it mean to take God everywhere? How do we live with Jesus in our heart so our actions show love to everyone? Our special guest, Ashley Cota joins us to talk about the transformation in her life and how she strives to take God everywhere!

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candace goodwin

Joy and Breaking through a Cracked Foundation

Join me with Dr. Candace Goodwin, author of “Breaking Through a Cracked Foundation speaks on moments in your life where you felt broken. How did God work through those moments to restore and heal? Here is an invitation to journal through this process and capture the power of God through His healing, redemption and restoration.

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Jeff Stacey

Joy and Finding Your Way

There can be so many twists and turns in life. How do we know if we are on the right path? Our special guest Jeff Stacey joins us to talk about finding your way. Jeff has had a journey with several defining moments as well as forks in the road where things could have literally gone the completely opposite. Learn more about Jeff and gain wisdom from his experience of finding the way. Listen live on YOUR QFM or live stream from ANYWHERE:

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Joy and Redemption

Mike Burkhart comes back to continue the conversation about The Prodigal Son and speaks to us about redemption and restoration. It is incredible to see what the Lord has done in his life. Mike reminds us that belonging to the Lord doesn’t change the world we are in but it changes us in the world. Be encouraged, inspired and open your eyes even more to what God can do in your life.

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