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I am a Catalyst for JOY – in everything I do. A catalyst prompts, encourages, induces, incites and stimulates a response, change and even a complete, full on transformation. That is why I am here. It’s my purpose. My passion. My infinite game. I want to be the catalyst in your journey as you transform physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially – all through the lens of JOY.

Rise of the Resilient

A three-part course for business owners  Is  stress wearing you down? Invest in yourself and your business resilience by taking this course, “Rise of the Resilient.”  Course Duration: three sessions, two weeks apart. (See below for dates and locations) Session One: Understanding stress and how it can impact your ability

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Joy Connection

Are you looking to connect with other JOY Seekers and JOY givers? Join us for the June JOY CONNECTION! It’s FREE to attend. Every month we have conversations and I share coaching tools around more ways to: Live JOY Share JOY Lead with JOY Tuesday, August 16th | 7:00-8:00 PM

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