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One way I keep JOY alive is through my podcast. Be inspired, encouraged and activated to spread even more JOY in the world. Listen here for past episodes. Let’s start a JOY movement! Share the podcast with a friend!

Joy, Freedom and Independence

What do independence and freedom really mean? How does this tie in with our relationship with God? Bidal Duran, joins us to talk about key points around independence and freedom as well as how we can use this day as a special time to reflect on the gifts and responsibility

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JOY and Mission Mindset

What does it mean to have a mission mindset every time you walk out the door? Our special guests Pastor Brad Binder and Austin Graser join us to talk about their most recent mission trip to the Dominican Republic as well as what it means to serve the Lord every

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JOY and Risking it All

When you are passionate for the Lord and love His people, you will serve no matter where it takes you or what you have to risk. Our special guests, Justin Hoover and Tyler Peterson join us to talk about mission in Iraq and what it really means to risk it

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Joy & Evangelism

Our special guest, Devin Barrett joins us to talk about serving college students and the unique mission field it is. This is a critical time in a young adult’s faith. Devin is seeing the Holy Spirit move in a mighty and powerful way. Devin reminds us that our hope is

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Joy & Jamaica

Our special guests, Amy, Jeff and Ryan Loewe join us to talk about what makes a mission trip so appealing and how serving on a mission trip often blesses those going on the trips even more. The Loewe family participated in an intergenerational mission trip to Jamaica and shares their

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Joy, Honor and Sacrifice

What does it mean to pay the ultimate sacrifice for your country? How can we “be” with Memorial Day? Our special guest, Jason Riggs joins us to provide insight, wisdom, passion and love surrounding this day that honors those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

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