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One way I keep JOY alive is through my podcast. Be inspired, encouraged and activated to spread even more JOY in the world. Listen here for past episodes. Let’s start a JOY movement! Share the podcast with a friend!

Joy and Continuing to Serve

Special Guest Sam Nupson joins us to talk about continuing to serve in her role as a missionary at the Naval Academy in Annapolis. Sam shares what she has learned about “slow growth”, interacting with different cultures, the practice of discipleship and growing in boldness.

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Joy and the Winter Festival

Special Guest Retired Pastor Jill Torgerson joins us to talk about the Winter Festival of Dedication and Renewal. This is a time to remember God’s Deliverance for His people, a time of rededication and cleaning as well as a time for us to ask ourselves, “Is Jesus my Messiah?”

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Dare to Believe

How much do you really believe in the power of the Holy Spirit? In this special edition of Live JOY Share JOY, Philip Ehlke joins us as the guest host and interviews Deb McGregor on what it means when we dare to believe.

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Joy and More Joy!

As a part of our Advent series, this week’s focus will be on JOY (of course, one of my favorite topics). How can we talk about the birth of Jesus without talking about JOY? Our special guest, Pastor Joel Newton joins us to talk about JOY and provides unique perspectives

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Joy and Love

As a part of our Advent series, this week’s focus will be on love. God so loved the world He sent His only son, Jesus. Advent prepares us for this birth of Jesus. Mary gave her yes to have Jesus. What else can we learn about love during this time

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Joy and Peace

As a part of our Advent series, this week’s focus will be on peace. How do we find peace? What does it mean to have a peace that passes all understanding? How does this time of preparation open new perspective and wisdom around peace? Our special guest, Pastor Paul Rose

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