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how do you begin a

life full of Joy

{I'm glad you asked!}

JOY is an experience, not a destination. What do I believe? I believe creating a JOY Movement starts with YOU! Journeys let us discover. We learn about ourselves. We learn about others.

ways to work

with me


I am an activational speaker and am known for my signature keynote, Finding JOY in Every Beat. I facilitate this interactive keynote with every audience member using drumsticks.


Are you ready to live, share and lead with JOY? Are you ready to experience JOY in everything you do? Yes, even in the rough times. I want to learn more about you, your dreams and your JOY.


It’s my purpose. My passion. My infinite game. I want to be the catalyst in your journey as you transform physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially – all through the lens of JOY.

learn how to
create your own

Joy Movement

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