Deb McGregor

Deb McGregor

Deb has a unique ability to weave her experiences, music background, coaching skills, love of people and passion for life into everything she does. Deb takes you on a journey-in everything she does. Deb takes you deeper into YOUR journey. Live your life full of JOY!

Increase Your Joy Factor!

Making a decision to hire a life coach is a big one. Making the decision about which coach to hire is an even bigger one.

I help passionate individuals and businesses reach their fullest potential through innovative consulting, coaching and motivational speaking.

YOU are unique. Your gifts, talents, skills, experience and presence all contribute to the beautiful creation you are in the world. I want to help you uncover, discover and bring out even MORE of your brilliance! I want to work together, with you, to find what lights you up and drives your passion for life!

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Do you want to live a life of JOY?

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Do you want to experience fulfillment, purpose, abundance....LIFE?

Dive In!

My website is filled with information about neurotransformational coaching, intentional movement and music (one of my favorite parts) as well as signature podcasts with real life experiences and activities designed to deepen your learning and forward your action.

I want to empower, inspire and encourage you to dig into this site, dig into yourself and see the brilliance you have within.

If you are ready to dig even deeper, I'd love to explore coaching with you. I believe in YOU. I believe in creating and holding a safe space for you to explore, expand, grow, experience and step into a level of brilliance and JOY that you may have never thought possible. It is possible.