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When people start checking out my site and learning more about what I do, I’ve found that they are normally here for one of three reasons:

  • Something is getting in the way of their joy (I call these joy busters)
  • A LONGING for something more-most of the time, it is not clear what the longing is about-just that it is there
  • Seeking purpose-impact-what I like to call playing an infinite game in life. In fact, some people have started on their purpose but want to bring more of it into the world-we can have so much fun with this!

I have great news-JOYFUL news even! If you fit into one of those three categories or even something in between, you are at the right place. What I know is living joy is about the being. Sharing joy is about the doing and leading with joy is about bringing them both together. This is the sweet spot or the JOY spot as I like to call it.

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Are you ready to live, share and lead with JOY? Are you ready to experience JOY in everything you do? Yes, even in the rough times.

Get Started with Me

I want to learn more about you, your dreams and your JOY. Let’s chat for about 30 minutes to see where you are now and how working with me would be beneficial for you. There is no charge for this call and I look forward to speaking with you soon!







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with Me

1/1 WITH

I work with a limited number of 1/1 clients via phone or ZOOM. If you are interested in exploring 1/1 coaching, please schedule a 30-minute conversation so we can discuss frequency and length of time.


I run a JOY mastermind group twice a year, during the Fall and Winter seasons. These are 12 week programs and limited to 12 individuals per mastermind. Our focus is all about living, sharing and leading with JOY. You will experience a variety of tools, resources, think tank concepts and more. In fact, you may even get to facilitate one of the groups. Since space is limited, please fill out this form if you are interested in being in our Fall Mastermind. I will be in touch with you soon with additional program details.

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