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finding joy in

every beat

I am an activational speaker and am known for my signature keynote, Finding JOY in Every Beat. I facilitate this interactive keynote with every audience member using drumsticks. Learn the 5 C’s related to resiliency while tapping, clicking and even pausing with a set of drumsticks in your hand-all tied to a much bigger message. I am a CPCC, CNTC, PCC whose infinite game is to start a JOY movement and make sure that we live in a world that recognizes that hate is real and so is love. Love is bigger than hate. When we have love, we experience JOY-even in the darkest of times. Yes, we can find JOY in Every Beat.

joy is an


Is your group or organization looking for ways to:

  • Increase Connection
  • Build Community
  • Apply more Creativity
  • Explore Commitment
  • Activate Consistency
  • Have FUN
  • Apply more effective Stress Management Techniques

Finding JOY in Every Beat will deliver! Contact me today to get on my scheduled!

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