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JOY is an experience, not a


Thanks for stopping by to learn a little bit more about Life Full of JOY. Several years ago, I had a significant shift in my life when I started noticing people who had JOY in their lives… and people who didn’t. People who had JOY seemed to have this glow-this sense of purpose. People who had JOY carried themselves differently. People with JOY seemed to experience adversity AND they made a choice in how to respond to this adversity. I realized that I wanted THAT-I wanted that type of JOY in MY life. I didn’t want to dream about it. I wanted to EXPERIENCE it.

joy seeker +

Joy Giver

I realized that to make this happen, I needed to take some intentional steps. I hired a life and leadership coach. I defined my life purpose and core values. I identified my core themes of talent through StrengthsFinder 2.0. I started exercising more frequently. I began to eat from the garden even more than I had been. It was these INTENTIONAL steps that got me to where I am now-living a life of JOY!

I live life to the fullest and provide a framework for others to do the same. I am a JOY Seeker and JOY giver. I have a zest for life.

Part of my drive is a love of people-a true love of the unique, individual gifts, skills and talents we each bring to the world. It is not enough to sit on the sidelines and watch someone else’s journey or path. I want to CREATE a path and LIVE the journey.

I want the same for my clients. I want to walk side by side with you as you Seek JOY. I want to witness your transformation as you LIVE JOY and SHARE JOY. The world needs you now. YOU need YOU now. Shine YOUR bright light.

I’ve walked the steps. I know it’s possible.
I believe in you.
Let’s Live, Share and Lead with JOY together.

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I have enjoyed music since I was a baby when my parents would always play soothing classical music in our home. I began piano lessons at age 7 and continued lessons into college. In 8th grade, I got my first job accompanying instrumental students during their lessons. I began voice lessons in 10th grade and continued throughout college. In High School, I received a music scholarship from the Delphian Choir and also received a music performance scholarship to Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota.

Although I started as a music major, I eventually realized my love and passion of working with people and organizations and decided to switch my major to Organizational Communications. I double majored in French as my passion for the language and culture had become an integral part of my life. I was able to live in Normandy, France as a part of my college program.

I spent much of my career working for the Girl Scouts and Lakeland Public Television. During this time, I began writing music-lyrics and melodies. This led to frequent trips to Nashville where I was also a coordinator for a local group affiliated with the Nashville Songwriters Association. Throughout my involvement with this organization, I had the opportunity to work with many professional songwriters and assist with Tin Pan South, an annual songwriters festival in Nashville.

I took a break from playing piano as I was busy writing, traveling and preparing to have a family. It was after I played piano at a wedding for a couple at church that I started playing piano again. I also did two programs for the public television program Backroads which featured my original music, piano and singing. It wasn’t long before people were inquiring about purchasing some of my music.

Because I was also busy working on my certification as a Certified Co-active Professional Coach (CPCC) for life and executive coaching with the Coaches Training institute, I put the recording on hold. I was also busy doing marketing consulting work for the Northwest Minnesota Small Business Development Center. It was during this timeframe that I was also diagnosed with C-PTSD or Complex PTSD. I had lived with this for many years but once diagnosed, I began intensive therapy treatment. During this time, music became a very strong outlet for my emotions and feelings as I processed through layers of trauma. It was at one of my therapy sessions that I got the inspiration for the song, Other Side of the Window.

I have a unique ability to weave my experiences, music background, coaching skills, love of people and passion for life into everything I do. I take you on a journey-in everything I do. I takes you deeper into YOUR journey.