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One way I keep JOY alive is through my podcast. Be inspired, encouraged and activated to spread even more JOY in the world. Listen here for past episodes. Let’s start a JOY movement! Share the podcast with a friend!

Authentic Joy in Marriage

Joy is not dependent on the state or season of our marriage. Joy is not dependent on our husband. Joy in marriage is often birthed out of seasons of difficulty. Joy in marriage often coexists with other very real emotions. Join our special guest, Amanda Davison, founder of A Wife

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Joy & Serving Others

What does it mean to truly serve others and even experience JOY while we serve? Our special guest Ebony Warren joins us to talk about service above self, service for youth, service in communities and service for Christ. Program Notes →

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Joy & Going Astray

Temptation can lead us to rebel against God in service of our vain desires. Unfortunately, this rebellion exacts a heavy toll. Our special guest, Philip Ehlke, joins us to talk about what it means to Go Astray. The Good News is that our hope is in Jesus Christ and He

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Joy & The Great Commission

Justin Hoover and Tyler Peterson return to continue our conversation around risking it all for Jesus and The Great Commission. What is the purpose of the Great Commission and why is it so important? These two gentlemen who are extremely passionate about serving Jesus will talk to us about what

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Joy and the Duty to Serve

God calls each of us in different ways. Samantha Nupson has been called in a very unique way-to serve as a missionary at the Naval Academy in Annapolis. Samantha’s journey has been filled with multiple experiences and travel. Learn more about her journey, call, obedience, discipleship and more. Program Notes

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JOY & Serving Incognito

What does it mean to literally risk it all for Jesus? The extreme risk of not even being able to share your name in public due to the mission work you are doing in certain countries? Meet two of these individuals who know what it means to answer this call.

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