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What is Soul Flowing?

I am listening intently to my friend as she describes a recent coffee time with her mom. Her 80-plus year old mom is starting to have more noticeable memory lapses and her handwriting has shifted ever so slightly. As my friend described the laughter, the memory-sharing and pure JOY, I noticed tears coming down my face. She asked if anything was wrong and I said, “Oh no, absolutely not. This is just my soul flowing.”

Soul Flowing: Tears reflecting an experience that is taking place in the soul.

My soul was connecting to my friends’ experience. In fact, I felt her experience at such a deep level, my soul had to express itself. Hence, tears running down my face.

Soul flowing isn’t anything new. We’ve done it for years. There are probably even different terms for it. For me, it is a connection. A reflection. An experience. And yes, always tears.

I notice that I soul flow when I am in deep connection with myself and deep connection with others—being fully present with people and giving myself complete permission to experience what is happening. There are so many gifts in this space. For me there is freedom, release, celebration, compassion, empathy, JOY, love and so much more all happening within the tears. And I don’t know about you, but for me there is an unleashing of empowerment that comes with soul flowing and a new awareness of self. Vulnerability, courage, risk, reward and more come with the soul flow.

Who knew so many gifts could happen with these genuine, authentic tears? And there they are, laid out for us tear by tear, experience by experience. Each time our soul flows, our core being realizes its beauty even more.

I put together a few questions for reflection.

  • When do you notice your soul flowing?
  • What are the ways your soul flowing is serving you?
  • Where would you like to experience more soul flowing?

I have to admit that just writing this has gotten my soul flowing a bit. I remember a time when I couldn’t shed a tear at all. Now my soul wants to shed them every day.

Wishing you abundance, blessings, peace and JOY—


Blessings, Peace and JOY –