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The Joy of Missing Out

My guess is you’ve heard of FOMO or “Fear of Missing Out.” I heard a new one the other day—JOMO, “Joy of Missing Out.” At first I misread the term, thinking someone doesn’t experience JOY when they feel like they are missing out. But then I realized that no, this is about experiencing JOY because you are missing out on something that gets in the way of your JOY.

Let’s dig into JOMO a little more.

At some point in the evolution of JOMO, it was often referred to as something for introverts who tend to avoid going to functions so they have less interactions, don’t worry about what to say, may not want to feel “awkward”—you get the idea. Introverts especially get the idea. I would like to offer that as the term has continued to evolve, JOMO has also taken on an identity and course of its own as something all of us can embrace—not because we don’t want to be around people, but because we want to avoid the “below the line” actions of others, especially when it is difficult to call these actions out or we are trying to avoid the “silence must be agreement” assumption that often happens in group settings.

Here is an example from a “pre-pandemic” experience:

I was at a celebration party for someone and found myself in the midst of a “circle.” You know the type I’m talking about. It is usually 3-4 people standing around, drink in hand, and the more insecurity in the circle, the more the conversation starts shifting to gossip. Did you hear what so and so did? Do you know how much debt that family has? I could go on and on. We’ve all been trapped in these situations. What if we weren’t in the circle? What if we missed out of the circle conversation? I don’t know about you, but NOT being in the circle would definitely increase my joy factor!

I think when we get completely honest with ourselves, there are a lot of things that could fit into the JOMO category. Here are a few I came up with:

  • Gossip
  • Bullying
  • Comparison
  • Distraction (that takes us off course)
  • Toxic Behaviors
  • Overdone social media posts (yes, I’m voting that a lot of social media is overdone)

What else would you add to the JOMO list?  When have you experienced JOMO?  I’d love to hear about it!

Wishing you abundance, blessings, peace and JOY—


Blessings, Peace and JOY –