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I’ve Lost My Tambourine!

I’ve often heard it said that we need a breakdown before we have a breakthrough. If this past Monday was any indication of the breakdown part, I am patiently waiting for the breakthrough. As I chatted with a colleague on Wednesday, I heard myself say, “I think I’ve lost my tambourine.”

This phrase may not mean anything to you. I think I remember a line about it from the movie Sister Act, when one of the nuns of a certain age talks about being an old relic and has lost her tambourine. I am sure I’m paraphrasing it, but you get the gist. Sometimes we reach a point where we question our purpose—our direction—our next steps. I can also add that as we get older, there can be a sense of time running out, what our legacy will be, what will people remember us for…you get the idea. All of the sudden, the beat we are playing in life takes on a different meaning.

This past Monday I found myself caught up in this whirlwind of social media—the “younger” generation videos, the advice being given by 30-something’s—and realized that this in no way, shape, or form resonates for me because, quite bluntly, this is not how I choose to do business nor is it attracting the type of people I want to bring into my business. Please keep in mind that when working with a client who is reaching that audience and target, I am ALL IN! That is how they should be reaching that group. But for me, in this moment, I felt this horrible sense of loss, feeling like I “should” be doing something and I will admit, I couldn’t find the beat of my tambourine.

The tambourine is a unique instrument. You can use it for a nice steady beat, but you can also jingle it in certain moments to create emphasis. I love the tambourine and for me, it is symbolic of leading with JOY in my life. I like the steady with a nice dose of dance for no reason, at a moments notice. For me, playing a tambourine is almost intuitive. I just know where the beat should go.

So, how do we find our tambourine if we feel like we’ve lost it?

Here are five simple steps I’ve found work for me:

  • Write down three things that are most important. This could be relationships, family, faith or anything else that matters most to YOU.
  • Identify the rhythm you can connect with in life. Is this a slow pace, fast pace or a combination of both. This even ties into when you start and end your days. Getting off of your rhythm can mess with the tambourine.
  • Identify what is getting in the way of your tambourine’s beat. What is causing it to be unsteady? Do what you can to remove the obstacle so you can find your beat again.
  • Identify the other “musicians” in your circle. Who are your allies? How do they keep you on track? Keep them close.
  • Remember that you can always find your tambourine again. It is there. It hasn’t gone anywhere. Trust the process. Trust your journey. You got this!

Blessings, Peace and JOY—


Blessings, Peace and JOY –