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Set It and Forget It

I’ve got multiple work contracts going on right now. In fact, so many programs that I set up a unique graphic on my dry erase board to make sure I don’t miss any task for each of them. I’m good at multitasking, but I’ll admit this is taking it to a whole new level. One thing I have also been known to be good at is obsessing about these programs. Will anyone sign up? Do I have enough people? Am I doing enough videos? Have I sent enough e-newsletters? These questions and energy have kept me up at night—more often than I really want to admit to myself or to you.

And then I heard the saying, “set it and forget it!” It was as if manna came down from heaven. Set the program, do the work and then forget it. What forget it REALLY means to me is don’t be attached to the outcome. Do the steps. Do the work and then release it. Allow everything to move towards it but do not be attached. The minute I get attached, I find myself moving to a place of judgment. I immediately start voting into a this was right, this was wrong and trust me when I say that is not serving anyone.

What if instead of judgment, I chose: openness, possibilities, and trust in the “right” attendance number. Try this perspective on for just a moment. It shifts everything. It brings new energy. All of a sudden I know that the group will be just the right size. I trust that the people who are supposed to be there will be there. I trust that God will provide exactly what I need in each moment. My job is to simply set it!

I can’t help but think of a dining room table set for a big family dinner. The fine dishes, cloth napkins, an elegant tablecloth. Something important is happening. The table is set. But that is just the setting. It is the people, the laughter, the chatter—all of these things create the experience. The hostess simply sets the table and creates an environment that will foster this amazing experience.

Friends, this is life. We cannot control outcomes. We cannot control others. We can set the best situation possible. We can create the best program possible. We can identify an amazing circle of friends. And then we can trust. We can trust that exactly what we need will be provided. We can know, at a deep level, that all will be used for good at some point in our lives and we can know that we serve a world much bigger than ourselves. I don’t know about you, but for me, this brings a lot more JOY than worrying and stressing about everything.

Where is one area in your life where you can set it and forget it?

Blessings, Peace and JOY—


Blessings, Peace and JOY –