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A World Without JOY

I hope the title of this blog gave you pause when you read it—perhaps a little wind even went out of your sail. This was my intent. I mean, really, can you imagine a world without JOY?


Recently, I’ve been working hard on my brand, identity and messaging around JOY. This may sound a little out there but I actually had to step into the complete opposite of JOY and look at what it isn’t to find out what it is and how I want to be bringing more of it into the world. As I explored this path—I could even name it a dark path—I realized that I am VERY happy we have JOY in our world. In the discovery of a world without joy, I noticed small things—birds were not singing…people were not smiling…laughter—what’s that?

Fill in your own blanks as you think about a world without joy. I also invite you to notice your emotions around it. How about your body’s reaction to it? The bottom line is that a world without JOY could probably equate to a barren desert. The word “hope” comes to mind. Without JOY, what does hope look like?

Here are a few insights I got in this exploration of a world without joy:

  • With JOY, even the darkest of times have hope.
  • Even in times of sorrow, we can have JOY. In a world without JOY, the sorrow would be too much to handle.
  • JOY matters. Trying to imagine a world without it was painful.
  • JOY encompasses our whole body. Even imagining a world without JOY had an impact on my body.
  • It’s up to each of us to live, share and lead with JOY. The good news is that when each of us makes this decision, there is a synergistic effect. We get to choose to live this way—every day.
  • I am committed more than ever to be a catalyst for joy.

What other insights do you have as you think about JOY? I’d love to hear them! Please join me in spreading JOY in the world. Let’s start a JOY Movement!

Blessings, Peace and JOY—


Blessings, Peace and JOY –