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Joy Seekers, Joy Givers-anyone looking for an Infusion of JOY you’ve come to the right place. Live JOY Share JOY features real people, real life and real testimonies of people who are living a life full of JOY.  Join me, Deb, for Live JOY Share JOY every Monday at 12:30 PM on Your QFM or browse the shows below to listen to past episodes.

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Live JOY Share JOY
Live JOY Share JOY
Joy and the Blessing of Israel

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Deb McGregor

Create Your Own Joy Movement! Deb has a unique ability to weave her experiences, music background, coaching skills, love of people and passion for life into everything she does. Deb takes you on a journey-in everything she does. Deb takes you deeper into YOUR journey. Live your life full of JOY!

Phillip Ehlke

Philip was born and raised in small-town northern Minnesota. He took an interest in media at an early age as the son of a local radio broadcaster. He began working in radio while in high school, studied politics and government at Bemidji State University, and has worked in film and television in Los Angeles. Today he works at Your QFM in Bemidji, Minnesota where he uses his many talents both on and off the air.



Joy and Continuing to Serve

Special Guest Sam Nupson joins us to talk about continuing to serve in her role as a missionary at the Naval Academy in Annapolis. Sam shares what she has learned about “slow growth”, interacting with different cultures, the practice of discipleship and growing in boldness.

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Joy and the Winter Festival

Special Guest Retired Pastor Jill Torgerson joins us to talk about the Winter Festival of Dedication and Renewal. This is a time to remember God’s Deliverance for His people, a time of rededication and cleaning as well as a time for us to ask ourselves, “Is Jesus my Messiah?”

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Dare to Believe

How much do you really believe in the power of the Holy Spirit? In this special edition of Live JOY Share JOY, Philip Ehlke joins us as the guest host and interviews Deb McGregor on what it means when we dare to believe.

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