JOY and Fire!

Bryan Christensen 2021 10 4

What does it mean to finally have emergency services covering miles and miles of previously uncovered areas? How does being with people at often the worst day of their lives impact those who serve? Our special guest Bryan Christensen.

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JOY & Consignment

Jennifer Morton

Consignment stores are often at the top of a shopping weekend. What is the draw and why are people so excited about their “finds”? How do consignment stores help us declutter our lives? Our special guest, Jennifer Morton, joins us to talk about the consignment trend and how she owes her learning and success to the Lord.

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Hair, Nails, Jesus and JOY!

Wendy Brown 2021-09-20

How does a professional salon become a mission field? Our special guest, Wendy Brown, joins us to talk about students, customers and the community experienced the love of Christ every day just by walking through the doors. God uses everything-even hair and nails.

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Tragedy to Triumph

Vange Anderson 2021-09-13

Vange Anderson joins us to talk about her testimony of tragedy to triumph. Vange will walk us through her journey of grief, suffering and yes, JOY after the death of her daughter.

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JOY & Travel

Valerie Olson 2021-09-06

Why does travel matter? If you could travel anywhere, what destination would you choose? Our special guest, Valerie Olson, a Trip Coordinator with EF Educational Tours joins us to talk about her experiences with travel and why it brings her so much JOY!

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JOY & Childlike Faith

Kandi Jenson 2021-08-30

What does it mean to have childlike faith? Are we alike more than we realize when we see our humanity? Our special guest, Kandi Jenson, joins us to talk about child like faith and how children can teach us a lot!

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Joy & Real Life

Shantel Dudley 2021-08-23

Life Happens. It has been really been happening for our guest, Shantel Dudley. Shantel will take us through her journey that could look something like an EKG machine. The range of experiences and emotions are profound and even extreme at times. Through it all, she has looked to one place-The Lord.

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JOY and Authenticity

Kayla Cummings 2021-08--16

What does it mean to be authentic? How do we show up as our authentic selves? Our special guest, Kayla Cummings, joins us to talk about the journey of authenticity including her biggest inspiration and how she rebounds from mistakes and learning experiences.

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