Deb McGregor

Deb McGregor

Deb has a unique ability to weave her experiences, music background, coaching skills, love of people and passion for life into everything she does. Deb takes you on a journey-in everything she does. Deb takes you deeper into YOUR journey. Live your life full of JOY!

Live Life with Passion

What is a Passioneer?

You may be wondering why I do what I do. It's a fair and good question. I wanted to increase the JOY in my own life. I realized that the only way to do that was to create the life I wanted.

I am a passioneer. I live life to the fullest and provide a framework for others to do the same. As a passioneer I am full of JOY and have a zest for life. Part of my drive is a love of people-a true love of the unique, individual gifts, skills and talents we each bring to the world. It is not enough to sit on the sidelines and watch someone else's journey or path. I want to CREATE a path and LIVE the journey. I want the same for my clients. Being a passioneer for me isn't just about being an entrepreneur and owning a business-it's about being the entrepreneur of my life-and helping YOU become the entrepreneur of YOUR life.

Are you a passioneer? My clients are passioneers who want to bring their A game to life. My clients are passioneers who want to be the entrepreneur of their lives. My clients are passioneers who seek JOY, Abundance and Peace.

Are you ready?

I am looking for individuals who:

  • Have a sincere desire to become the entrepreneur of their lives
  • Are dedicated
  • Turn obstacles into opportunities
  • Seek JOY
  • Create a plan-step into the path-embrace the learning
  • Dig Deep-reach for learning beyond what they thought possible
  • Coachable
  • Know that there will be challenges and tough times AND there will be FUN not to mention great rewards.

You ARE worth it!

How many times have you doubted your worth or whether or not you can do something? It's time to shift thinking. It's time to move you to becoming the entrepreneur of your life and experiencing profound JOY and happiness.

I know what it's like to make this transition. I've walked the steps. I know it's possible. You CAN do this. I believe in YOU.

It's time to be vulnerable and courageous and move forward. Make the decision NOW to embrace the life you want.