Deb McGregor

Deb McGregor

Deb has a unique ability to weave her experiences, music background, coaching skills, love of people and passion for life into everything she does. Deb takes you on a journey-in everything she does. Deb takes you deeper into YOUR journey. Live your life full of JOY!

Become the Entreprenuer of Your Life

Who are my clients?

How many times have you doubted your worth or whether or not you can do something? It's time to shift thinking. It's time to be vulnerable and courageous and move forward.

I work with women who want to be the entrepreneur of their life and create impact in the world. I work with women who know that they have something to give to the world and want to get clear and intentional about what that is and how to get there.

I work with individuals, families and groups who are curious about their purpose, skills, gifts, talents, life purpose and want to live a life filled with passion.

Does this sound like YOU?

If I am describing you, I would like to have a conversation. Because I am so dedicated to my clients and give them 100% of me, I only accept a certain number of clients at a time.

If you are interested in working with me, I will walk you through a simple application/interview process to help determine if we are a good fit. -->