Deb McGregor

Deb McGregor

Deb has a unique ability to weave her experiences, music background, coaching skills, love of people and passion for life into everything she does. Deb takes you on a journey-in everything she does. Deb takes you deeper into YOUR journey. Live your life full of JOY!

Where Do you Want to Go?

What is the coaching process?

If you are like most individuals who begin coaching, there are a lot of questions about what happens in a coaching session, where the sessions take place, confidentiality and what will you get out of this. Let's get to the root of these questions.

What happens in a coaching session?

Coaching sessions are an amazing place. I often refer to them as a "sacred space" where lots of learning, exploration, discovery and celebration take place. I am a co-active coach, which simply means that we work together to get you where you want to be.

What do we talk about?

This is the beauty of one-one coaching - YOU pick the topic! In the coaching session, the coaching topic you choose will be explored in depth. If you ever come to the coaching session without a topic, I will work with you to find a topic. Most of the time, it appears within minutes and "coincidentally", each time this happens, you will find it was what needed to be discussed at the time.

I heard there is sometimes homework in coaching - what is that?

At the end of the coaching session, I may give you "homework" - this is not anything like the homework you may have experienced in school. This is something that will have come out of the coaching session that will deepen your learning and/or forward the action from your coaching topic. Many times, more learning takes place between coaching sessions than at the actual session. This is a sign that the process is working. I may also give you an "inquiry question". This is also designed to deepen the learning and I may have you explore something around your coaching topic in more depth. This will take you to new levels of exploration. The more clarity you have about yourself and what you bring to the world, the stronger you will stand in your brilliance.

Do I need to bring anything?

I love this question. You need to bring yourself, a willingness to be coached and if you had "homework" or an inquiry from the previous session, that is extremely helpful. You may want to have a pen and paper handy to jot down any notes that you want to take.

Where do we coach?

I do most of my coaching over the telephone, Skype, in-person, or within a retreat setting. My clients have found all these settings to be very effective. You decide whether you want to be in the comfort of your own home, office or other preferred location. My clients find that being in their place of comfort and safety allows them to enjoy the coaching experience even more.

What about confidentiality?

Coaching sessions are confidential, except as required by law. You are welcome to share your experience with others. If there is ever anything you would want me to share with others, I would receive permission from you first. We want to emphasize this one more time: coaching sessions are confidential. I want you to explore your brilliance and life purpose. I want you to experience EXPLOSIVE GROWTH in your personal and professional life. It is imperative that a place of safety and trust is present for this to occur.

How often do we coach?

You get to choose how often you have sessions. Some clients prefer two sessions per month, while others like having three sessions per month. Occasionally, I have clients who just want a one-time session. A coaching appointment time is arranged once you have committed to coaching. It is very important that you phone in promptly each week. Sessions will either be 30 or 45 minutes, depending on the coaching package you have selected. In between our appointments, I do provide the opportunity for brief e-mail updates and check-ins. I also provides group coaching programs and these may be of interest to you if you are looking for coaching work related to specific topics.

What can you expect from Deb?

I will bring passion, energy, commitment and dedication as well as my background of ministry and coaching to each call. I will call you forth in your brilliance and hold the focus of your desired goals. I will witness your growth, development and discovery of your brilliance as you move to living a LIFE FULL OF JOY!

How long will the coaching process last?

This is ultimately something you will both decide. There is no set time frame. Most of my clients work with me for at least four months. I have other clients who have worked with me for over two years. We will work together in support of the goals and when it is time for completion, a plan of action will be created for you to take forward.